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Full Nodes

An essential function to validate the transactions of your cryptocurrency.

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Block Explorer

The public distributed ledger to view each transactions in the blockchain.

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Online Wallet

An online wallet to receive and send cryptocurrency easily and without constraints.

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Merchant API

Allow you to easily integrate a payment solution to your website or application.

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Escrow System

For transactions and deals that require a trusted third party.

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Tips For You

Allows you to tip or to receive tip in cryptocurrency.

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Staking Wallet

A online staking wallet for PoS Coins.

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Plan Mini


  • Full Nodes (32).
  • Light Block Explorer.
  • Upgrade on demand.
Plan Custom

$9.99 to $99.99/mo.

  • Full Nodes (32) + Light Block Explorer.
  • Full Block Explorer or not.
  • Online Wallet or Not.
  • Merchant API or Not.
  • Escrow System or Not.
  • Tips System or not.
  • Staking Wallet (PoS Coin) or not.
  • Faucet System or not.
  • Features on demand.
Plan Pro


  • Full Nodes (48) + Light Block Explorer.
  • Full Block Explorer with Stats.
  • Online Wallet.
  • Merchant API.
  • Escrow System.
  • Tips System.
  • Staking Wallet (PoS Coin).
  • Faucet System.
  • Features on demand.